What is a full overlap box and why use them?

Are you looking for sturdy packaging boxes?

If yes, you would come across quite a few options. Choosing from so many different options is not an easy task. Instead, today we will share with you one such box which can provide proper and adequate protection to your goods during transit. We are speaking about the full overlap box. We will not only go into its details but also help you understand when you should use a full overlap box rather than any other.

What is a full overlap box?

The full overlap box consists of flaps on top that extend to the opposite side. The advantage of these flaps is that they overlap each other. The overlapping increases the strength of the box significantly. Overall, the full overlap box is much sturdier than your ordinary one. The full extending flaps are not only the USP of these boxes but also their greatest advantages.

Wondering why you should use such boxes?

Worry not! We will highlight quite a few reasons below.

Why should you use full overlap boxes?

There are many advantages of full overlap boxes. Due to the same, using them over other options is a wise decision. We will highlight some reasons to use them below.

  1. Better structural integrity:

The overall structural integrity of full overlap boxes is on the higher side. It is not just because of the overlapping flaps but also the thick sidewalls. Better structural integrity reduces the wear and tear significantly. When the wear and tear is low, the contents inside remain well protected. Also, the reusability of the box increases significantly. Better structural integrity is one of the reasons why you should switch over to such boxes.

  1. Excellent protection:

The overlapping flaps provide superior protection. The overlapping design eliminates many vulnerabilities of a normal box. The gaps or the loopholes are few. When shipping products or merchandise over longer distances, you need to provide it with excellent protection.

Of course, you would be using tape or glue to seal them. However, since the flaps overlap, any liquids/moisture/contaminants have to go through multiple layers to reach the contents inside. It is unlikely to happen under normal circumstances. Due to this reason, the contents inside will remain well protected.

Instead of using a substandard box and then repenting your decision, you should switch over to full overlap boxes to get adequate protection.

  1. Can handle more weight:

The primary advantage of a full overlap box is that it can handle more weight. It is due to the high structural integrity. You can ship comparatively bulky objects using these boxes.

What if you need to ship smaller items?

In that case, you can store more such items in a single box. When you do so, your shipping cost will come down significantly. Moreover, since you will have to ship just a single box, the transit time will reduce. The higher weight handling capacity also ensures that the wear and tear of the box is pretty low. It is more likely to reach the destination in perfect condition.

Either way, whether you want to ship bulky items or multiple smaller items, these boxes can serve you well.

  1. Versatile:

The versatility of full overlap boxes is another reason why you should go for them. They are suitable for numerous applications. These include:

• Domestic shipping:

If you want to ship the contents from one part of your country to another, these boxes can serve you well. Without spending significantly extra, you get boxes with higher security. It ensures that the goods will reach your destination in perfect condition.

• International shipping:

In this regard, these boxes serve pretty well. The flaps ensure that the contents will remain safe throughout the transit. During international shipping, the boxes also undergo a lot of wear and tear. There might be a change in transport, or the boxes might switch containers. In all of this, you cannot be sure that the boxes will be handled carefully. With the sturdy boxes, you can be sure that even rough handling will not impact the contents inside.

• Perfect for warehouses:

The flap overlap boxes are also perfect for stacking. The reason for the same is, the heavy-duty flaps can handle the weight of the boxes. The overlapping design of the flaps ensures that you can stack them one upon another. Consequently, you can store many such boxes in a small amount of space. That allows you to optimize the warehouse space.

With so many potential applications on offer, these are among the most versatile boxes you can go with.

  1. Extra cushioning layer:

The overlapping flaps also serve one more purpose. The multiple flaps serve as a cushioning buffer. During the transit, the box will suffer from jerks, shocks, and other such impacts. On one side, you have thick cardboard walls, and on the other side, you have four such overlapping flaps. These flaps will provide a cushioning effect to the contents of the box. If you’re transporting something delicate, this cushioning effect can work in your favor.

  1. Stackable

Whether you’re storing these boxes or using them for transit, they are highly efficient.

Wondering how?

The stackable design means that you can store them in the truck/plane/container or even in the warehouse. With stackable boxes, you can reduce your shipping cost. The shipping company can utilize the space available in a much better way. That is why; the shipping cost will be on the lower side.

Similarly, storing contents in bulk in the warehouse will also cost you less. That is because you can stack the boxes one upon another. The fact that they are stackable can help you in numerous conditions. It is another reason why you should use these boxes.

There are quite a few reasons to switch over to full overlap boxes from the normal ones. We have highlighted some of the most essential reasons above.

You have the answer to the question What is a full overlap box and why use them?. Without any ado, it is better to switch over to these boxes rather than any other. The level of traction which they provide makes them a good choice. Combine that with the versatility of these boxes, and you have the perfect packaging solution.

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