How to choose the best product box manufacturer?

Are you searching for the manufacturer of product boxes?

Wondering how to find the best manufacturer?

Today, we will help you with the same. We will share with you the factors which you should consider while choosing a product box manufacturer. Once you judge every product box manufacturer on these few parameters, choosing the right manufacturer will be easier than ever. Our answer to how to choose the best product box manufacturer below will leave no room for confusion when you’re searching for one.

  1. Experience:

Of course, going with a new product box manufacturer is not a good idea. When comparing the different manufacturers, you have to enquire from them about their experience. The product box manufacturer should have been in business for at least 3 to 4 years. Only then can you choose them.

The best way to know more about their experience is to check out their about us page. You can also look at the domain age to understand better since how many years they have been in business. Of course, you can ask them directly as well. There are many ways to know about their experience. It would be best if you only shortlist an experienced product box manufacturer.

  1. Customization options:

Product boxes are tailor-made for the brands. The manufacturer should be able to do the same.

For example, if you need product boxes with the sidewall thickness of say 2 MM, the manufacturer should be able to adhere to the same.

Only when the manufacturer provides such customization options, can you go ahead with that manufacturer. If the manufacturer has only a few options available, it is better to skip that manufacturer and search for another.

  1. MOQ:

How many product boxes do you need?

The answer will determine the manufacturer whom you choose. Each manufacturer has a different MOQ. It stands for a minimum order quantity. With the minimum order quantities in thousands, it will not be easy for you to place follow-up orders.

The MOQ becomes even more critical when you’re a start-up. In that case, you might need a few hundred product boxes. Needless to say, you have to check the minimum order quantity of the manufacturer before choosing one.

  1. Delivery Time:

In today’s competitive environment, you cannot waste time waiting for the product boxes. You need a manufacturer who can stick to deadlines. Therefore, when enquiring from different product box manufacturers, you can let them know about your deadline as well. Once you let them know about your deadline, it is easy to choose one who can meet the deadline.

Moreover, you have to also ask if they will be willing to commit to the deadline in writing. Only once they can do so, you can trust them. Nobody has the time to wait to get the product boxes. Consequently, taking the delivery time into account while choosing a product box manufacturer is imperative.

  1. Portfolio:

If the box manufacturer has been in business for long, they will have a portfolio. The advantage of going through their portfolio is that you can gauge the quality and experience both.

The good news is that most product box manufacturers list their portfolio on their website. You can quickly go through their previous work. Once you look at the quality and the variety of boxes that they offer, it is easy to pick the right one. Ideally, when you’re going through the portfolio, you should look out for three things. These are:

• Variety of boxes they have manufactured

• Quality of the boxes

• Industries to which they cater

Once you judge their portfolio on these three parameters, it is easy to choose a product box manufacturer that stands out from the rest.

  1. Design Support:

We understand that a product box design is different, and the manufacturing is different. However, at times you might need some small changes to your product box. It is not feasible to hire a product box designer once again as it will take a lot of time and money. Instead, if your manufacturer provides minimal design support, it is a great advantage. It is not a necessary feature, but it will help you choose the best product box manufacturer.

  1. Customer Support:

When enquiring from a product box manufacturer, you will come across their sales and support departments. You have to judge the sales and support department on three parameters. These include:

• Response time

• Quick resolving ability

• Communication channels available

Ideally, you are looking for a product box manufacturer with whom you can communicate quickly. In many cases, customers do not take the quality of support into account. The problem is that later on, you will have to wait for days to get a reply. In that case, you’re stuck after placing the order. Instead, testing the customer support of the manufacturer in advance is advisable. Only choose ones that are easy to communicate with.

  1. Cost:

Without taking the cost into account, choosing a product box manufacturer is a mistake. While you shouldn’t just judge the manufacturers on pricing, but it is a crucial factor nevertheless. Even a difference of 10 cents can result in a much higher cost when ordering thousands of boxes. Hence, it is essential to choose an affordable product box manufacturer.

You also need to understand that certain product box manufacturers negotiate as well. Instead of judging them on the initial quotation, it is a better idea to speak with them. If the manufacturer negotiates the price and provides you with a better deal and is easy to communicate as well, you have found a winner. However, at the same time, going with the most affordable product box manufacturer might not always be helpful. The cost should only be one of the parameters rather than the only parameter to choose a manufacturer.

So, instead of getting confused between different product box manufacturers, use our guide above. Once you judge them on these few parameters, picking the right one will be easy. Also, this is a one-time process. Once you find a good product box manufacturer, there is no need to compare others every time you order. Judging the manufacturers on these few parameters takes just 1 or 2 hours at max. Our guide aims to make it easy for you to find the best product box manufacturer. Once you find such a manufacturer, you can focus on your business rather than having to worry about the product boxes.

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