What are the benefits of rigid boxes for packaging?

Are you looking for unique boxes for packaging?

If yes, it is time to look at rigid boxes. As the name itself suggests, they are more robust as compared to other boxes available. Not only that, but they also offer quite a few other advantages. Today, we will delve into the benefits of rigid boxes. We will answer the question, what are the benefits of rigid boxes for packaging? Once and for all. After going through this post, you can decide on whether rigid boxes are worth buying.

  1. Highly durable:

To understand more about rigid boxes, you have to delve deeper into their construction.

Rigid boxes consist of pressed sheets. The sheets are creative papers glued or laminated together. These are laminated to a chipboard frame. With so many layers incorporated into the design, the sturdiness of these boxes is on the higher side.

When you look at the thickness of sides, it is between 1 MM to 3 MM. You can get even bigger boxes.

The point being, with so many layers, these boxes are highly durable. Also, the chances of boxes getting damaged in transit are minimal. It is one of the primary advantages of rigid boxes.

  1. Better Aesthetics:

Nobody can ignore the aesthetics of rigid boxes. The super-smooth finish ensures that they stand out among other box options available. If you want to draw potential customer's attention, you can certainly use them.

Secondly, if you want to give your product an elegant appearance, rigid boxes are the perfect option for you. These are available in numerous colors, form factors, and customizable designs. You can easily make them synonymous with your brand.

The branding advantage alone makes these rigid boxes are must buy for your business.

  1. Secure closing mechanism:

Did you know that most rigid boxes come with their closing mechanism?

Yes, you read that, right!

These come with magnetic closure. The advantage of magnetic closure is that the contents are secure inside. Whenever the customer wants to open the box, he/she can do so in a jiffy. They will not have to struggle with the securing mechanism. Neither there is any learning curve involved in the same.

Additionally, when you observe the box, you will not notice the magnet. That is because it is concealed in the wall of the chipboard. The installation of the magnet is such that it works very well but is not visible. Consequently, it will not impact the aesthetics of the rigid box in any negative way.

The walls of the rigid boxes are between 1 MM to 3 MM. Due to this reason, the magnets can operate through them quite easily. The effectiveness of the magnets in securing the lid or sides of the rigid boxes is excellent.

Thus you get easy to use a securing mechanism, which is a reliable one.

  1. Precise edges:

We have highlighted above, how rigid boxes have a smooth finish. However, the edges of any box play an important role in its aesthetics. The edges also have an impact on the structural integrity of the boxes.

Rigid boxes have sharp edges. It is because groove cutters are used in the manufacturing of such boxes. The sharp edges are still soft for human hands due to the smoked paper's presence on the outer side. In terms of aesthetics, they certainly make the box look luxurious.

The precise cutting using the groove cutter ensures that structural integrity is not compromised for aesthetics. The precise edges provide you with a perfect combination of a beautiful and sturdy box.

  1. Excellent protection:

When you're going with rigid boxes, you get:

• Excellent durability

• Proper closure mechanism

• High structural integrity

All these things mean that the contents inside are well-protected. You need not worry about the contents getting damaged.

The fact that rigid boxes consist of multiple sheets of paper ensure that wear and tear for the box are pretty low. The multiple sheets mean that numerous layers are protecting the contents inside.

The presence of such multiple layers can absorb any shocks or impact during transit. The protection which rigid boxes provide can reduce your transit losses significantly. For this reason alone, you should go with rigid boxes rather than any other packing containers.

  1. Premium feel:

Along with great aesthetics, you get a premium feel as well. It is one of the best ways to increase the value of your product. Your customer will get a feeling that they are getting something extra with the product. Not only that, but the rigid boxes come in handy when customers want to gift an item to someone else.

You would be surprised to know how many consumers buy something to gift it to someone else. When it is already present in a rigid box, the premium feel adds to the value of the gift. Switching over to rigid boxes instead of any substandard packaging materials or boxes will increase the customer satisfaction manifold. Higher customer satisfaction will help your bottom line.

Thus, the premium feel of these boxes is one of their primary benefits.

  1. Adds value for your customers:

Did you know that rigid boxes are reusable?

When you're customer is purchasing a product, the added value is always attractive for the customer. Since the rigid boxes are reusable, your customers perceive them as added value. The usability also provides you with a branding opportunity. For as long as the consumers will use the rigid boxes, they will remember your brand. The chances of repeat business increase significantly.

Not only is the customer happy due to the added value. The size and durability of rigid boxes are such that the consumers can use the boxes to store a variety of things like wallets, cash, case, small gadgets, and so on. The versatility of such boxes makes the box valuable for the customers.

With so many benefits of rigid boxes for a customer and the fact that it comes free, the customer will perceive it as added value.

Still on the fence?

The benefits which rigid boxes provide for packaging and branding are unparalleled. These benefits warrant that you think about switching over to rigid boxes rather than any substandard packaging material. The benefits that rigid boxes will provide for your business are enormous. Within a few short months, you can witness the higher profits. The ROI they provide is simply great due to the numerous benefits of rigid boxes, which we have discussed above.

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