What are shelf ready boxes and when to use them?

With so many types of boxes available, it can be a difficult task to choose one. However, many such boxes have a distinct advantage as compared to others. The prime example of such boxes is shelf ready boxes.

As the name itself suggests, these boxes can make it easy for you to display the contents inside. We would highlight below what are shelf ready boxes and when to use them.

What are shelf ready boxes?

Shelf ready boxes in their original state are similar to other boxes. They can be cube-shaped or rectangular shaped. However, they consist of a perforation that allows you to remove the upper part when you want to display the contents inside.

Once you use the perforation to remove one of their parts, the contents inside are directly visible. It means that you can use these boxes in transit and display the contents inside. That is why they stand out as compared to other packaging options that you have.

Wondering where you can use them?

Worry not!

We will share with you a few cases in which shelf ready boxes are certainly better than normal ones.

When to use shelf ready boxes?

Some of the applications of shelf ready boxes are:

  1. Retail shelves:

Do you often sell to supermarkets or retail stores?

If so, packaging your products in these boxes is one of the best things you can do. Your clients can directly remove a part of the box to display the products on their shelves. Chances are, you might have seen shelf ready boxes already in your nearest supermarket.

The reasons why retailers preferred these types of boxes are:

• Such boxes help them keep merchandise organized easily.

• These boxes reduce the amount of time which it takes to stock up the shelves.

• The boxes are multipurpose design. They are perfect for storing the contents in the warehouse or for displaying them on the shelves.

Due to these three reasons, these boxes are widely used by retailers. If you sell to retailers or stores, it is time you think about using shelf ready boxes rather than any other.

  1. Display showcase:

Do you sell B2C?

Want your prospective customers to view your products?

If yes, shelf ready boxes can provide you with the perfect solution. You need not shift products from one packaging to another to display the products in front of consumers. You can simply use the shelf ready boxes and remove their upper part. Doing so will help you showcase your products to the customers.

  1. Minimal packaging:

Are you trying to reduce your overhead costs?

If yes, it is time to look at packaging costs. In many cases, due to the use of substandard packaging, you need to go with larger boxes. It can increase your packaging cost.

Instead of falling into that trap, you have to go with a reliable packaging solution. Simultaneously, if it is multipurpose in use, that is a definite advantage. Shelf ready boxes serve both these purposes.

Shelf ready boxes can protect the contents in transit. Neither, they expose the contents of the box to the outside weather during transit. It means that the security which they provide during transit is not going to be an issue.

Once the boxes reach their destination, the perforated part is easy to remove. In that case, they can directly go to the shelf. Your client need not switch the contents from the box to another container or packaging. They can directly open up the box and display the contents to their consumers.

Instead of using two different packaging materials, you can use one. That would certainly reduce your cost, and also the sturdiness of shelf ready boxes decreases your losses.

Isn’t it a win-win situation?

Thus, if you want to opt for minimal packaging, using shelf ready boxes is the best choice.

  1. Reduce packaging cost:

While shelf ready boxes are multipurpose in design but they are not that expensive. When you buy them in bulk, they would cost almost the same as any other packaging boxes.

It ensures that you can reduce your packaging costs by buying them in bulk.

Are you struggling to maintain margins?

It might just be the advantage which you need. With the help of lower packaging costs, you can increase your margins by a few points. When speaking about thousands of boxes, it will undoubtedly add up.

The lower packaging cost of shelf ready boxes makes them a compelling option.

  1. Easy access:

Keeping the products in fully covered boxes even if with the transparent window makes it difficult for customers to feel or access the products. In that case, your sales will suffer. You have to remove any extra work required on the part of the customer to buy the product. It is where shelf ready boxes score over others.

  1. Fast-moving goods:

Do you manufacture fast-moving consumer goods?

In this industry, nobody has the time to shift the products from one box to another. In most cases, supermarkets and retailers need to stock up their shelves pretty quickly. They need to deal with hundreds of products daily. In that case, the shelf ready boxes can prove to be a convenience.

The convenience which you provide to your consumers through these boxes can improve your sales.

Isn’t that a good enough reason to switch to shelf ready boxes?

You bet!

  1. Numerous type of consumers:

In many cases, the manufacturer himself/herself does not know whether that particular product will go to a warehouse or a retailer. In that case, the company needs versatile packaging. Dealing with two different types of packaging can be time-consuming and costly.

The requirements of numerous types of consumers can be met by switching over to shelf ready boxes. If the products are stored in a warehouse until they are shipped out in bulk or smaller quantities, shelf ready boxes can help you do so. If the products directly go to the retail shelves, then too shelf ready boxes do not disappoint.

In addition to all this, even if you sell some of your products through e-commerce, these boxes can allow you to ship them. So, shelf ready boxes do not disappoint.

You can use the same type of boxes irrespective of the client to whom you’re shipping the products. It is an advantage.

So, if you’re looking for versatile packaging boxes, there is nothing better than shelf ready boxes. The convenience and the protection which they provide to various products make them unparalleled. It is time to think about switching over to shelf ready boxes rather than thinking about them as a secondary option.

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