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Common Questions

Why use Gloss on Packaging?

Why use gloss on product packaging? Are you confused about the packaging and aesthetic appeal of your product?  To some business owners, paying for gloss services it might seem like an additional expense however, it has its own advantages that can benefit your product packaging sales and memorability immensely.

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The following are five reasons why we use gloss on product packaging.


To make the product stand out

You must make your product stand out when it comes to sales. There are hundreds of other such similar products available. The best way is to use gloss in product packaging. Once you do so, it will become relatively simple for you to make it stand out.

Additionally, gloss also means that it will be visible from a distance. On the shelf, the more visible product is likely to sell more. In this regard, it will directly benefit the sales of your product. It is one of the prime reasons why you should think about including gloss on product packaging.


Aesthetically pleasing packaging

Consumers love to buy products that look aesthetically pleasing. This includes product packaging, as well. Using the gloss, you can achieve the same.

Picture this; there are two products, one that is shining and has aesthetically pleasing box and the other one having a matte finish. Which one are you going to pick?

The majority of the consumers will go with the product that has gloss. It is because it is simply more aesthetically pleasing.

We all like to go with such products. That is why you need to keep this factor in mind and then only decide about using gloss in the packaging.


Helps you highlight features

Do you want to make your prospective customer more aware of your product?

If yes, then also the gloss can undoubtedly help you. Using the gloss finish, you can highlight the features of the product. You can highlight the things that help it stand out. When they are highlighted automatically, the consumer knows why he/she should go with your product.

When the product is already in the customer's hand and knows why this product is better than the other, the customer conversion rate will be on the higher side. The higher conversion rate will also mean higher profits for you.

Just by introducing gloss in the product packaging, you can boost its sales. It will help you bring down the marketing expenses as well. Once the marketing expenses come down, it will add to your bottom line.

Did you notice how just by adding gloss to your product packaging, you gained enormously?

It is one of the prime reasons why you shouldn't ignore adding gloss to the product packaging.


Enhances brand recognition

All these advantages of gloss come with another advantage. The other advantage is that the brand recognition of your product increases. It happens in multiple ways. We will highlight these multiple ways below.

Higher recall:

The better the graphics, the better illustration of features ensures that the recall is on the higher side. When the recall is on the higher side, the customers are most likely to buy your product once again.

The higher recall also ensures that the customer remembers your brand as well. When every customer remembers your brand, you need not worry about brand recognition at all.

Better understanding of your brand:

A lot of information and detailing goes on the packaging of the product. For an average consumer, it is not possible to go through all of that information. The average consumer just reads a line or two. It is because he/she finds it is difficult to decipher or pick the critical information from the wall of text on the product packaging.

When you're using gloss, you can easily differentiate between the essential points. You can ensure that the essential points appear with the gloss. When that happens, it will automatically become very easy to pass on the message to the customer. Once the message reaches the customer, there will be a better understanding of your brand.

A better understanding will lead to higher sales, as well.

Better customer satisfaction:

Another advantage is that customer satisfaction will be on the higher side. It is because the customer will know right away what they are buying.

When customer satisfaction is on the higher side, once again, the brand recognition increases. Due to this reason, your bottom line will improve as well.

In more ways than one, gloss on the product packaging can help your product. Instead of thinking about the extra cost of the gloss, you have to look at the benefit it can provide to your brand. Only once you consider that, you will understand why gloss is so essential.


Aids product perception

Would you buy a premium product if you get it slightly more expensive than the ordinary one?

Most customers would. It is because the general perception is that premium product are significantly costly as compared to the ordinary one. However, when you include gloss in the product packaging, it appears premium. However, you can place it slightly higher.

Slightly higher pricing has a dual advantage. Firstly, it will boost your margins without much of an effort. It will provide you an advantage over your business competition due to the higher margins.

Secondly, it gives the feeling to the customer that he/she is buying the premium product. Moreover, they will not have to shell out a significantly higher amount of money for the premium product.

In a nutshell, the product's perception improves significantly when you include gloss in the product packaging. Rather than spending millions of dollars and rebranding your product, you need to just include gloss, and you can improve the product perception.

Thus, if you're in two minds regarding using gloss on product packaging, you have to go through the five reasons mentioned above. Once you do so, gloss on product packaging will appear more like a necessity than a luxury. You must consider this factor before you can use gloss on product packaging.

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