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Customized Shipper Box & Shipper Packaging Solutions

Our custom shipper solutions will protect your merchandise and packaging while keeping your products safe. Request a quote today!

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Looking for an Innovative Custom Shipper Supply Company?

We can design, model, and produce high quality shippers that will ensure your products arrive safely at their destinations. Request a quote today!

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More Than Just Custom
Shipper Packaging...

We serve a broad spectrum of industries and organizations requiring high quality custom packaging for their products and special-use cases. Explore how we can help you with your next packaging project.


We can design and manufacture high quality custom bags.

Custom Bag Design


We can design and manufacture high quality custom boxes.

Custom Boxes

POP Displays

We can design and manufacture high quality POP displays.

POP Displays


We can design and manufacture high quality shippers.

Custom Shippers

Custom Shipper Manufacturing and Design

Once you contact us and define the sort of shippers you need, then we can provide you with a quote. Contact us today with any questions!

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We Excel in Designing & Manufacturing High Quality, Affordable Shippers

Packaging Services

We offer traditional and unique packaging and boxes that make your brand stand out among the rest.

Industry Packaging

We specialize in a creating customized packaging and boxes for a wide range of industries.

Creative Abilities

We can create prototypes, 3D rendering, proofs and have a broad variety of finishing services.

Some of the Industries We Serve

We serve a broad range of industries, each with unique needs and custom requests.
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Discover Why We Stand Out Among Custom Packaging Vendors

Do you have a vision or idea for packaging? Share it with us because we can most likely bring it to life!
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Common Questions

Why Use Our Shippers
Supply Boxes?

When you're looking to ship products, whether that's electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc., you need the right shipping boxes. Most non-customized shipping boxes are not designed for easy and affordable packing of goods. Shippers are a must have to ensure that products arrive in a way that doesn't affect the internal products or the product packaging.

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Why Choose Our Shipper Boxes?

Durability and Strength

Shipping boxes play a crucial role in protecting fragile items during transit, ensuring they reach their destination intact. These shipper boxes are designed with PE foam inserts to absorb shocks and impacts, reducing the risk of damage to the products inside. By using shipping boxes, businesses can significantly decrease customer complaints related to damaged goods.

Shipping boxes not only ensure the safe delivery of products but also contribute to enhancing brand reputation. By investing in quality packaging solutions, businesses demonstrate their commitment to providing customers with a positive experience. The use of shipping boxes reflects a brand's dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Our Custom Shipper Box Range

Standard Shipping Boxes

Standard shipper boxes are versatile and cost-effective, suitable for various products. They come in standard sizes for efficient shipping.

Customizing shipper packaging, such as shipping boxes, allows businesses to enhance brand recognition and create a unique unboxing experience for customers.

Custom Shipper Packaging

Custom shipper packaging offers businesses the opportunity to showcase their brand identity through personalized designs and logos.

By opting for custom packaging, small businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Specialty Shipper Boxes

Specialty shipper boxes cater to specific product needs, such as fragile items or unique shapes, ensuring secure transportation.

The use of specialty shipper boxes demonstrates a commitment to quality and care for products, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Industries We Serve With Our Shipper Supply Company

Shippers for E-commerce Brands

E-commerce brands rely on custom shipper boxes to ensure safe and secure delivery of their products. These shipping boxes are designed to ship various items, reducing the risk of damage during transit. Customized branding options also help enhance brand visibility for online businesses.

Retail Shipper Boxes

Retailers benefit from using shipper boxes as they provide a cost-effective solution for packaging and shipping products. These shipping boxes are sturdy and can withstand the rigors of transportation, ensuring that items reach customers in perfect condition when shipped. Custom printing allows retailers to showcase their brand identity effectively shipping supplies and is perfect for gift boxes, beer shippers, cosmetic shippers, luxury shippers, etc.

Shippers for Manufacturing Brands

Manufacturing brands require durable shipper boxes to protect their goods throughout the supply chain. Customized solutions cater to the specific dimensions and weight requirements of different products to ship and box. The use of eco-friendly materials aligns with sustainable practices in the manufacturing industry.

Shippers for Cosmetic Brands

Cosmetic brands prioritize packaging that not only protects their delicate products but also enhances the overall unboxing experience for customers. Custom cosmetic box shippers are designed to be visually appealing and functional, reflecting the brand's image and values. Foam inserts can be included in the box for added protection during shipping.

Luxury Shippers for High-End Brands

High-end brands demand luxurious shipper boxes that exude elegance and sophistication. These custom shipping boxes are crafted with premium materials and finishes to create a memorable unboxing experience for customers. Embossing, debossing, a matte finish, and other embellishments add a touch of exclusivity to luxury packaging and mailer solutions.

Benefits of Our Shipper Packaging Solutions

Enhanced Product Protection with Our Shipper Packaging Services

Our shipper boxes are designed to provide enhanced protection for your products during shipping. The sturdy construction and custom-fit design ensure that your items remain secure and intact throughout the transit process. With our packaging solutions, you can minimize the risk of damage and returns, ship leading to increased customer satisfaction.

  • Custom-fit design for maximum product security

  • Sturdy construction to withstand rough handling during shipping

  • Minimize the risk of product damage and returns

Our shipper packaging, including a shipping box, incorporates innovative features such as shock-absorbing materials and secure closures, offering an added layer of protection for fragile or delicate items. By investing in our packaging, you can reassure your customers that their orders will arrive in perfect condition, strengthening their trust in your brand.

Our Shipper Company Offers Cost-Effective Solutions

At VSL Packaging, we understand the importance of cost-effective packaging for small businesses to box and ship while helping to reduce shipping costs. Our shipping box solutions are not only durable and protective but also affordable, allowing you to optimize your shipping expenses without compromising on quality. By choosing our packaging options with plenty of customization options, you can save on packaging boxes while ensuring that your products are well-protected during transit.

  • Affordable pricing without compromising on quality

  • Optimize shipping expenses for small businesses

  • Save on packaging costs while maintaining product protection

We strive to provide customized shipper boxes that meet your specific requirements while offering competitive pricing to support your business growth. With VSL Packaging, you can access high-quality packaging solutions that enhance your brand image and deliver a positive unboxing experience to your customers.

VSL Packaging Manufactures Premium Customizable Shipper Packaging

In choosing VSL Packaging for your custom shipper box needs, you are opting for quality, reliability, and innovation. Our diverse range of shippers, shipping boxes, mailers, shopping bags, and more caters to various industries, ensuring your products reach customers securely and stylishly. With eco-friendly materials and top-notch design, our packaging not only safeguards your items but also elevates your brand's image.

Make a lasting impression with VSL Packaging's custom shipper boxes. Enhance your brand visibility, protect your products during shipping, and offer customers an unforgettable unboxing experience. Choose sustainability without compromising on style.

Innovative Design Solutions for Custom Shipper Packaging

At VSL Packaging, we understand that first impressions matter. Our innovative design solutions ensure that your custom shipper boxes not only protect your products but also leave a lasting impression on your customers. Our team of experienced designers works closely with you to create packaging that reflects your brand’s identity and meets your specific needs. Whether you require simple, minimalist designs or intricate, vibrant artwork, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Our design process begins with a thorough understanding of your brand and packaging requirements. We consider factors such as the nature of your product, target audience, and shipping conditions to create a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures high-quality, vivid prints that enhance your brand visibility.

Moreover, we offer a range of customizable options, including size, shape, material, and finishing touches like embossing, foil stamping, and spot UV. These options allow you to create a unique packaging experience that sets you apart from the competition. With VSL Packaging, you can be confident that your products will arrive in style, leaving a memorable impression on your customers and enhancing their overall experience.


Our NYC Shipper Company Provides Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials for Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainability is at the heart of VSL Packaging's operations. We are committed to providing eco-friendly packaging solutions that help businesses reduce their environmental impact without compromising on quality or style. Our custom shipper boxes are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials, ensuring that your packaging aligns with modern sustainability standards.

We source our materials from responsible suppliers who prioritize environmental conservation. Our eco-friendly options include recycled cardboard, kraft paper, and other sustainable materials that maintain the durability and integrity of your packaging. By choosing VSL Packaging, you are contributing to a circular economy where materials are reused and recycled, reducing waste and conserving natural resources.

In addition to using sustainable materials, we implement energy-efficient manufacturing processes and strive to minimize waste during production. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our entire supply chain, ensuring that every aspect of our operations supports eco-friendly practices. We also offer guidance on how you can further reduce your carbon footprint by optimizing your packaging design and materials.

Choosing VSL Packaging means you can showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility to your customers. Eco-conscious consumers are increasingly seeking brands that prioritize sustainability, and our custom shipper boxes provide a tangible way to demonstrate your dedication to preserving the planet. Elevate your brand with packaging that not only looks good but also does good for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the design of shipper boxes to match my brand?

Yes, our shipper boxes are customizable to align with your brand's colors, logo, and messaging. Stand out with a unique box packaging that reinforces your brand identity.

What industries can benefit from using VSL Packaging shipper boxes?

VSL Packaging serves a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, cosmetics, electronics, and food & beverage. Our versatile shipper boxes cater to diverse business needs.

How do shipper boxes from VSL Packaging protect products during shipping?

Our shipper boxes are designed with sturdy materials and secure closures to ensure product safety during transit. Say goodbye to damaged goods with our reliable packaging solutions that box and ship.

Are VSL Packaging shipper boxes eco-friendly?

Yes, our shipper boxes are crafted from sustainable materials, promoting environmental responsibility. Choose our eco-friendly packaging options to reduce your carbon footprint when you ship your items in a box.

Can small businesses benefit from using VSL Packaging shipper boxes?

Absolutely! Our custom shipper boxes offer small businesses a cost-effective way to enhance their brand image and protect products in transit. Elevate your packaging game with VSL Packaging.

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