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We serve a broad range of industries, each with unique needs and custom requests.
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We serve a broad spectrum of industries and organizations requiring high quality custom packaging for their products and special-use cases. Explore how we can help you with your next packaging project.


We can design and manufacture high quality custom bags.

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We can design and manufacture high quality custom boxes.

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We can design and manufacture high quality POP displays.

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We can design and manufacture high quality shippers.

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 We Create Custom Retail Boxes and Custom Retail Packaging

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We Excel in Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Retail Packaging, Custom Retail Boxes, Retail Ready Packaging, and Retail Packaging Bags

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We offer traditional and unique packaging and boxes that make your brand stand out among the rest.

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We specialize in a creating customized packaging and boxes for a wide range of industries.

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We can create prototypes, 3D rendering, proofs and have a broad variety of finishing services.

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VSL Packaging custom retail packaging is the perfect way to package, ship and sell your retail goods and other accessory products. VSL Packaging is an established, reputable brand in custom printed boxes and providing high quality customized boxes in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

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10 Tips For Choosing a Retail Product Packaging Design Company


Business visual communication is one of the key points for its strength and growth. In addition, having a good design for your products or services is a fundamental requirement to attract consumers. However, to build a strong visual identity, it is necessary to have a competent team. This is because, in addition to theoretical knowledge, designers must have experience in the market in order to assist in their decision making.

But how do you choose a product packaging design agency that is right for your retail business?



What are the objectives and goals of your business? What processes are needed to achieve the expected results? What is the future project on which your company is based? These questions help to organize and define what your prerequisites are and which companies will have the capacity to solve your problems.

Therefore, preparing a good briefing is essential at this moment, since it gives you the direction you should go, as well as the ideal path to achieve the objectives of your enterprise.



One of the first steps to be taken when choosing your retail product packaging design agency is to research its reputation in the media and social networks. Talk to your acquaintances, partners, and virtual friends and ask for companies. Also, look at firms that work in partnership with their consumers.



Another crucial factor in deciding which design company to trust is to study its professional history. So, analyze the portfolio, cases, customer service, and even awards. The analysis of the company's profile is very important not only to demarcate the common values and principles, but also not to suffer from subsequent problems.



References are a very important element during the selection process. Companies with more time in the market tend to have more experience and customers, which can be a very useful contact portal for getting to know good agencies.

However, be sure to consider new agencies, as long as it is well-structured and has a good team. A young product packaging design company can guarantee as many benefits as an old one in the market.



A great tip is to visit the agency's facilities in person. In this way, you can make sure that the environment and structure of the place are compatible with the quality you demand and with what is promised by the company. Making this visit is essential to make sure of your decision. After all, a company that has sufficient technology, organization, hygiene, and commitment can influence the outcome of the project.



Certainly, you will need to worry about the cost-effectiveness of the project. In this step, the goal is to avoid one of the biggest mistakes that happen when choosing packaging: quality control. Several times, the cheap can be expensive, especially if the quality of the material is inferior to what you are looking for in your work.

So, think that the investment you are making now will greatly influence your sales results in the future. The higher the quality of the material, the higher the sales profit.



Clearly, to avoid setbacks during the service process, you should give preference to agencies that align with your business profile. With that in mind, the chosen agency will have the necessary abilities to fulfill your wishes and demands.



The retail product packaging design of a product can impact the customer experience. That is, the company must take into account the organization of the information on the packaging, the materials used, the practicality of handling, and even the colors. All of this can positively or negatively influence the consumer experience, leveraging, or hindering sales.



Before hiring, check the company level of flexibility to deal with any changes in demand and deadlines. This way, you will not have your supply capacity affected if demand increases, and the business grows.



But, as we know, in the market, we are always susceptible to unforeseen events. Therefore, you cannot rely exclusively on a single company. Always keep a list with at least one more supplier option for each business segment. If your product has specific regulations, your list of options should only contain companies that meet these requirements. This will avoid a possible stoppage or slowdown in sales due to unexpected problems.

Investing in retail packaging supplies helps your business gains visibility, increases sales, and favors customers. Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to choose the best product packaging design agency for your business.

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