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We serve a broad range of industries, each with unique needs and custom requests.
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We serve a broad spectrum of industries and organizations requiring high quality custom packaging for their products and special-use cases. Explore how we can help you with your next packaging project.


We can design and manufacture high quality custom bags.

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We can design and manufacture high quality custom boxes.

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We can design and manufacture high quality POP displays.

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We can design and manufacture high quality shippers.

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We offer traditional and unique packaging and boxes that make your brand stand out among the rest.

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We specialize in a creating customized packaging and boxes for a wide range of industries.

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We can create prototypes, 3D rendering, proofs and have a broad variety of finishing services.

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Choose Quality Packaging for Your Sports Brand

VSL Packaging custom sporting goods packaging is the perfect way to package, ship and sell your sporting goods, clothing and other accessory products. VSL Packaging is an established, reputable brand in custom printed boxes and providing high quality customized boxes in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

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10 Tips for Choosing a Sporting Goods Packaging Company


The sports industry has been growing at a rapid pace. With so many different brands out there providing top-quality products, it can be quite difficult to stand out in the competition. However, this does not mean that you do not have a chance. All you need to do is make sure that you are creative with your choice of packaging.

Finding the right sports packaging design company can be a solution to all your problems. But unfortunately, it is easier said than done. Most people are often not able to get the packaging right, so this is why we are here to guide you. We have compiled a list of 10 tips you need to keep in mind when choosing a sports goods packaging company.



With so many options in the market nowadays, the majority of the people pass their judgments on the quality of the sports goods based on its packaging alone. Without attractive packaging, new customers would feel reluctant to trust you. Therefore, trust a sporting goods packaging company that can provide you with impeccable design options for your sports goods to help you truly stand out.



The durability of sporting goods packaging is also another major factor. It is important to know that most people prefer to keep the packaging of their sports goods so they can easily store them away when they are not using it. So choose a company that understands the importance of durability and does not leave any stones unturned with the quality of the packaging.



The written content alone on the packaging can be a deciding factor whether new customers would trust you or not. Apart from the quality of the content and how much information it provides, the font size and design are just as important. Professional sporting goods packaging companies are well-aware of this and always make sure that the written content is not only easy to read but also eye-catching.



The legal requirements of the packaging of sporting goods can often be overlooked. You must pick a sporting company that knows the importance of adding necessary legal information and disclaimers. If you are not careful, you would have to pull all your stock from the shelf.



Every sports item has its packaging requirements. You do not want to go for generic packaging for each of them. Always choose a sporting goods company that can meet your dynamic packaging requirements and provide you with an appropriate packaging solution based on the item.



The chances are that you may have seen most sporting goods packaging having the picture of an athlete printed on top. That is not only for the show as it is a popular marketing strategy and can easily garner the attention of the customers. Choose a sporting goods packaging company that understands such marketing techniques and can help you present your brand accordingly.



Customization options are a major plus when you are looking for a sporting goods packaging company. Your packaging requirements may vary depending on the product, so it can always be great if the packaging company is easy to communicate with and responsive to meet your customization needs.



The quality of the packaging matters a lot, especially in the sports industry. Most customers are only going to give your sporting goods a chance if they are impressed by the quality of the packaging. Therefore, look for a packaging company that excels in providing top quality packaging and makes no compromises on consistency.



Sporting goods can take up a lot of inventory space. The last thing you would want is to have a packaging that cannot be stacked either. Rather than focusing on fancy designs alone, a professional sporting goods packaging company is also going to prioritize how convenient the packaging is for businesses.



Lastly, the right blend of information is what makes sports packaging truly a seller. Professional packaging companies are going to provide just enough information away that it would let the customers know what to expect from the contents inside, but at the same time, intrigue them to make the purchase.

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