Top Considerations for CBD Product Packaging

Whether you are new or experienced in the CBD industry, building credibility and trust for your brand are both equally important. One great way to capture the attention of customers is by having an enticing CBD product packaging. Doing this encourages shoppers to know more about your merchandise.

However, as a business owner, you are still required to follow regulatory guidelines when it comes to packaging CBD products. This article will give you the top considerations for CBD product packaging.

Establish Your Brand's Core Values

Determining the core values of your brand from the start will prove beneficial. Considering that you're involved in a highly lucrative and dynamic industry, establishing your brand identity will help your business stand out from the rest.

You can start by figuring out your target audience and competitive advantage. Although CBD products come with numerous benefits, which of these benefits are strongly highlighted in your products? Answering this question will help you design an informative packaging for your products.

Consider Going for a Clean Packaging Look

The majority of successful CBD products are packaged in clean, fresh packaging. When it comes to color choices, many business owners opt for pastel and bright colors, probably since these colors capture the attention of buyers and stimulate their senses effectively.

Dark colors such as brown or black might work for some individuals, but they don't represent the optimistic feelings associated with the CBD movement. It would also be helpful to incorporate concepts of clean living and health improvement into your brand message.

Highlight the Benefits of Your Product

Your product packaging provides you a great opportunity to highlight the benefits your CBD product can offer. Most of the time, business owners state the general benefits of using medical marijuana. Providing ample information about your product will help establish your brand as an authoritative figure.

Utilizing this technique the right way will assist customers in making more informed decisions as well. The more you research about your target customers, the better you will be able to design an appealing product packaging.

Categorize Your Products Accordingly

CBD products come in many varieties, including gels, drinks, oils, edibles, capsules, and more. One of the first things you need to finalize is whether your product is a food or supplement. Making the decision is not as simple as it may sound, since many individuals find the categorization process confusing.

While the FDA has not implemented specific regulations regarding this matter, it would be best to stay safe and try your best to be extra compliant. Regardless of your CBD product type, it is important to remember to only utilize FDA-approved food and supplement labels.

Follow the Regulatory Guidelines

Given the restrictive nature of CBD products, it is essential to ensure that your packaging complies with the regulatory guidelines. These regulations usually differ by country or state so you may be required to make changes accordingly.

In general, medical marijuana should not be designed to appeal to children. This means steering away from childlike designs will keep you on the safer side. Having designs that suggest strong emotions related to risk, excitement, and recreation are also not recommended.

Although capturing the attention of potential buyers is a great way to boost sales, you still need to consider the regulatory guidelines. There are some ways to work within these restrictions while still maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing design if you're creative enough.

Your Brand Logo Should Represent You Well

One of the most important elements of the overall design is the brand logo, which makes sense since your logo represents your brand. It should communicate what your product is all about and express the essence of your brand. A good CBD logo should reflect your brand message at a glance.

There are no best fonts, colors, and shapes when it comes to logo designing since it depends on your brand personality. To put it briefly, rounded lines and warmer colors will make your brand friendlier and more inviting. On the other hand, straight lines and neutral colors give the impression of effectiveness and professionalism.


No matter what product type you offer, the product packaging is the first thing potential buyers will see. Utilizing a great design will tell your story as a company and elevate your product. However, your medical marijuana packaging should also prove the efficacy of your product. By acknowledging the top considerations for CBD product packaging mentioned throughout this article, you will find establishing brand identity in the CBD industry a much easier task.

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