How to Choose a Company to Produce Custom Gift Packaging

When you think about custom gift packaging, you immediately have in mind something precious, worthy of being shown in public, and to be opened on special occasions. In reality, it is: the packaging experts know very well that this is a particular and delicate sector. But, picking the right company might pose a challenge. Thus, here are valuable tips on how to choose a company to produce custom gift packaging.

Think about how to protect your product first.

The packaging market is a truly delicate industry. Namely, the wrong packaging will not prevent damage to the product within. Before you make up your mind on anything, check how the candidates' design process works. How do they design their products? The most reliable companies use inserts and foam or consider them when designing a box. Indeed, when you ship your product within a made-to-order box with fragile material inside, you must be extremely careful.

Depending on the location, custom cardboard boxes also have to meet local or international standards. Thus, it is prudent to always start from the basics. If their website does not show any detail about this vital aspect, a lack of information is not a good sign. However, you can contact their staff to clear up any confusion or omission.

Find out how the company handles your branding needs.

Custom gift boxes are a crucial aspect of your marketing. That is, you must be able to offer the best ratio between the quality of the casing, resistance, cost effectiveness, and looks. However, even in the case of a gift box, the packaging still has to convey your brand. The three pillars of a good packaging company are customer experience, brand recognition, and easy customization. In short, how the company handles your brand is no joke.

Today's easy customization processes happen online. Thus, have a look and see if their templates fulfill your branding needs. If the custom packaging offers a pleasing aesthetic and an ingenious branding solution, then you have a sure win. Not only will they create great customer experiences for your clients, but also anyone who sees and carries your package will get curious about you.

Be sure the company can create the design you want.

To do this, the quality of the product they sell must be top-notch. For one thing, the outer layer must allow for the selected font type(s) and size(s). Moreover, sturdy boxes must hold the print without smudging and hassle. Thus, put their product to the test before placing bulk orders in this way. Go over the top, and add one or two layers of complexity to your design. Sometimes, some companies choose to only focus on a narrow range of industries. Or they may treat packaging customization as a side service. See if they mostly print labels, cards, cereal boxes, etc.

Last but not least, be sure the company can print your design on bigger packaging too. In other words, consider your bigger products as well. If the company you selected can not handle the bigger products, you will be in trouble. In this case, you not only risk to deal with two manufacturers but also two varying quality products.

Contact their customer support and get an idea of their professionalism.

No matter how good a packaging company is, mistakes are bound to happen sooner or later. The question is: how would they handle such problems? For a customer, the worst-case scenario includes ending up with a series of useless boxes in case of error. Minor faults may consist of inconsistent quality, faded ink or print, and wrong dimensions. In these cases, customer support becomes utterly relevant. Thus, it is better to talk with them from the start.

You can contact customer support via email to ask some questions. In this way, you can get an idea of the waiting time for a reply. In any case, call them to find out about more guarantees and customer protection services.


Customers have to check and test many things before choosing a company that produces custom gift packaging. Our company is an expert packaging company specialized in the creation of several types of packaging solutions. Our products include customizable mailer boxes, folding cartons, shipping boxes, custom bags, flexible packaging, and more. We know that custom gift packaging is central to the work you do every day. For this reason, we strive to excel in any of the previously mentioned areas. Because we care for our customers as much as you do for yours.

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