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How to Choose a Custom Telescope Box Supplier?

Quality packaging plays a crucial role regardless of what business you are involved in... Packaging is one of the first things that catch the attention of your customers and also represents your brand. No matter the nature of your business, you need to ensure that your branding does not take shortcuts when it comes to finding adequate packaging solutions for your product lines. As a leading telescope box manufacturer, we know exactly how to designs and produce quality telescopic boxes while working within a reasonable budget for quality materials.

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What Are Custom Telescope Boxes?

In our world today, cardboard boxes have swept the markets and changed producers’ lifestyle for the packaging of their products. They are broadly known and frequently used by many people and also organizations who specialize in production of goods. The reason being that the outer layer of these boxes serves as a protection and also the preservation of the product they contain.

Boxes don’t only serve as protection, but they help to play a vital role in beautifying the product they contain. By so doing, one can deduce that the quality and design of the packaging represents the quality of what it contains within them. A common assumption made by people is that if the packaging is of high quality, then the product is also of the same quality, and it has produced an accurate result more often than not.

Looking at packaging from its historical perspective, you would find that it has constantly played such an important role in how organizations’ processes function. Whether it’s packaging of clothes, packaging of food, shoes, and many more, its importance is never downplayed. Packaging is an essential aspect of production, and box packaging has revolutionized that by becoming a preferred option for shipping.


Choosing to buy telescopic boxes that are customized

Telescope boxes are a set of cardboard boxes often referred to as a type of corrugated box with two parts, which are separate and slightly different in size. The top is designed to fit over the bottom, of which both are in a tray form. This boxing style often presents its content appealingly. Both pieces of carton boxes are made from two rectangular sheets designed highly efficiently to avoid wastage of material.

To ensure the protection of its content, they make the top cover in a full-dept form, which completely slides over the bottom part, thereby increasing the box’s thickness and increasing its strength to make stacking possible. The form in which they make this packaging box makes it suitable for a wide range of products it can carry, including catalogs, papers, books, organizers, shoes, fragile products, and other similar products.

Materials used in the production of this box are high and robust, which consequently ensures the boxes have high stability. Also, the boxes do not have any locking mechanisms but rather slide in and slide out, which helps to increase their durability and lower the cost of each box.


Types of telescope boxes

As cardboard boxes come in different types and sizes, so does telescope boxes. They come in various sizes and dimensions and are used for different purposes. These purposes include:


Full telescope design style container

Often referred to as a two-piece tray, this packaging box has two pieces of which the top is slightly larger in size, thus enabling it to slide over the bottom. It is usually used for products that are flat, long, and are often used to deliver donuts.


Full telescope half slotted container

This box combines two parts to make an artificial full telescope box. Glue or tape can easily hold it together, and it’s cheaper to get than the full telescope style box.


Design slotted container with cover (DSC)

The design slotted container is very similar to the full telescope, with the significant difference being that the top cover is smaller than the bottom component. Its common usage is also similar to the full telescope design, and we often see this style of packaging in the packaging of shoe boxes.


Double cover container (DC)

The boxing style comes in the form of 3 layers, a top cover, a bottom cover interchangeable with the top cover, and then a tube that structures the body of the packaging box. This style of boxing is usually for objects which are heavy and cannot be easily moved. Therefore, the item is placed on the bottom cover; then, the tube is placed to cover the item and the top cover. Depending on the item’s size, we can cut the tube to fit the size before we lay the top cover. Examples of items that feature this style of boxing are cabinets, chairs, etc.


Interlocking double cover container

This box is similar to the double cover container, but it has double lids and flanges attached to the body. This boxing style is mostly used when packaging fridges, freezers, washing machines, water heaters, dryers, vending machines, and hazardous items.


Octagonal double cover container

This type of boxing has an inner liner and also an outer liner which is shaped octagonally, and often used for products carried in bulk, like watermelons.


When is it a good idea to use custom telescopic cardboard boxes?

Using these packaging strictly depends on the item you want to package, how often it is used, and more. We can use telescope boxes when:

  • The item container requires it to be closed and opened frequently and easily. Items like watches, jewelry, paper, and also shoes fall into this category.
  • If the product is extremely fragile, the shape and size of the box will be different. The box can be thick enough to accommodate fragile items or items that need to be stacked up. Items such as mirrors, frames, lamps, rugs, fall into this category of boxing.
  • These boxes have good reusability and variety of uses and can be easily customizable for different types of products varying in size and shape.
  • You can use this type of packaging if you have a short delivery time frame.
  • If you are looking for a cheap but quality packaging, then this is an excellent option for you.


Packaging is an essential part of a company’s production processes and also companies who specialize in delivery of items. Therefore, using the perfect material to package an item is essential. This type of packaging reduces the cost for any organization and still keeps a high-quality appearance. A typical example of how this packaging beautifies a product is its appearance when used to package a wristwatch or luxury goods.

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