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How to Choose a Quality RSC Container Manufacturer?

Quality packaging plays a crucial role regardless of what business you are involved in... Packaging is one of the first things that catch the attention of your customers and also represents your brand. No matter the nature of your business, you need to ensure that your branding does not take shortcuts when it comes to finding adequate packaging solutions for your product lines. As a leading RSC container manufacturer, we know exactly how to designs and produce quality regular slotted containers while working within a reasonable budget for quality materials.

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What are regular slotted containers?

Regular slotted containers are unique in terms of the flaps that they have. Lengthwise, flaps cover half the containers. It means that they almost meet in the middle. On the other hand, the widthwise flaps are shorter. You can use a fill-in pad between the two flaps for additional security.

The construction of the regular slotted containers is such that even a single flap can support most of the contents inside. Due to this very reason, regular slotted containers on a stand-alone basis can serve a lot of applications.

Arguably, these are the popular type of containers for a variety of applications. The reasons for the same include:

  • Low waste: The optimal design ensures that the amount of cardboard, paper, and other materials used in manufacturing these boxes is on the lower side. So, there is no manufacturing wastage. In a way, you can consider them to be more eco-friendly than your average container.
  • Economical: Low waste design also leads to better economics. Needless to say, these benefits are passed on to the buyer of the boxes. In a nutshell, these boxes are economical than other boxes of the same size. When you’re buying hundreds or perhaps thousands of boxes, even a few cents of savings on each box can make a difference. If you’re looking for economical boxes, the regular slotted containers will meet your requirements.
  • Easy to pack: Lengthwise, flaps fit at the center of the box. It means that if you have a tape handy, sealing this box in a jiffy is possible. The easy to pack design can reduce your turnaround times. It can help you ship out the boxes at a faster pace. Moreover, it can reduce overhead packing costs. The easy to pack design certainly adds to the advantages of regular slotted containers.
  • Proper protection: You might be thinking, what about the bottom layer? The bottom layer consists of lengthwise flaps that meet at the center. The widthwise flaps provide partial protection. However, the construction of these boxes is such that even a single layer full protection is more than enough. Only in cases where you are shipping something very heavy can you opt for a fill-in pad. However, those are quite affordable and easy to use. Those are only required in certain cases. In most cases, a single layer of protection would suffice. That is why; adequate protection of the regular slotted boxes is another reason you should go for them.

With so many features, it does not surprise that regular slotted boxes have become so well known within certain industries.


When to use regular slotted boxes?

The applications of these boxes are virtually endless. However, we will shed some light on the most common applications of regular slotted boxes below.

Domestic Shipping:

Do you often ship your products and goods domestically?

If yes, these boxes are the best choices that you have. The level of protection that they provide is more than enough for domestic shipping. It does not matter if you’re opting for the land-based shipping, air shipping or any other mode. These boxes can serve you well in each of those cases.

International Shipping:

The construction of these boxes is such that they are suitable for international shipping as well. Even if it takes over 20 days for the shipment to reach its destination, these boxes are good enough. The heavy-duty construction of these boxes makes them perfect for international shipping.


Looking to buy containers for storage?

Then too, these boxes can serve you well. Simply put, they are stackable. Moreover, since you can ship your products in these boxes, they are versatile. You can store things for as long as you want. Once you are ready to ship them, there is no need to change the containers. You can simply seal these boxes and ship them. It is the beauty of regular slotted containers.

The versatility, along with the feasibility for storage, makes them a perfect choice.

Moving and Packing:

Did you know that movers and packers widely use these regular slotted containers?

The reason for the same is that they are easy to pack and seal. Moreover, they are economical. With adequate protection, they protect the contents inside easily. In most cases, movers and packers have to deal with multiple smaller items in each box, and regular slotted containers serve them well. They can pack these boxes in a jiffy and deal with tens of such boxes. The easy-to-use design of these boxes has made them famous with movers and packers.

Protection layer:

When these containers are nearing the end of their life (after multiple uses), you can fold them flat. Once you fold them flat, you can use them as a protective layer. They can serve as a protection layer either inside the boxes or even in between them. So, this is another reason they are regarded as low waste containers. Instead of disposing them off, you can use them as a protection layer.

When it comes to versatility, usability, and convenience, regular slotted containers will not disappoint you. Not only are they are highly durable, but are suitable for a variety of applications. Considering these factors, if you’re looking for such containers, you should go with them. The low cost and low waste design of these boxes make them the perfect choice for various options.

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