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Common Questions

Why use Spot UV Finishing
on Packaging?

It should not come as a surprise that product packaging plays a major role in today’s world. In such a competitive world, being creative with the packaging you choose can give you a clear edge over your competitors. With so many product packaging design options out there, choosing the one that meets your requirements can be a bit difficult. Spot UV finishes are a great way to make sure that your packaging imagery or logos stand out and grab attention!

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Although durability is important for product packaging that should not be the only thing you need to be on the lookout for. The visual appeal plays a major role in capturing the attention of the customers. If you think from the buyer’s perspective, then it is only natural that every time you go to the market, you would be more attracted to purchasing neatly packed products. Therefore, if you want to elevate your business, then the Spot UV coating might be the best for you.

Most people are aware of the popular gloss and matte finish, so spot UV does not get the attention it deserves. However, there are some amazing perks that it brings to the table as well. So, what is Spot UV on product packaging and why use it? Let’s see.



Spot UV is a popular technique if you want to make your brand stand-out in front of your competitors. It adds a new layer of depth to your printed items and enhances its overall quality. Most people think of it as a printing technique, but it is more of a coating technique. With spot UV, you do not have to print the design all over your product packaging. In fact, it is used for printing at only selected areas, so if you want to make your logo or other visuals stand-out, then this coating method is the best. The dramatic and eye-catching effect that this finishing technique can add to your product package is without a doubt worth spending on.




If you want to make your product packaging look truly eye-catching and dramatic then you cannot go wrong with spot UV. The extra layer of depth it adds to your product packing often makes it an even better option than matte and gloss finishing. Moreover, the best part is that this finishing technique can be combined with other techniques as well. You can use spot UV on selected areas, and cover the rest of the packaging with matte to make your packaging even more attractive.


Unlike some finishing options that could start to look dull over time, the same does not apply for spot UV. In fact, this finishing also acts as an extra protective layer. If you were worried about the moisture ruining the visual appeal of your packaging products then think again. Spot UV provides your packaging just the resistance it requires to make it last longer.


The majority of businesses have to meet their packaging requirements rapidly. You cannot simply afford to wait a week for the finishing technique to be applied before you get your product packaging delivered. This is why the best part about using spot UV is that it does not take long. You can get quick delivery of your packaging products as it is a quick-drying technique that also takes minimal time to apply. Moreover, the job can also be done with absolute precision, so you do not have to worry about design inconsistencies.


If your business has been shifting its focus towards environmentally friendly product packaging, then there’s another good news for you! UV spot product packaging is environmentally friendly as it does not release solvents or organic compounds. Therefore, if you have always been keen on how you represent your brand in front of the customers, then going for an environmentally friendly finishing technique is surely going to leave a good impression!

There are many product packaging finishing techniques, but perhaps the one that provides the most flexibility is spot UV finishing. It can be complemented with matte finishing and on top of that, it adds an extra layer of depth to all your packaging products. So if you want to enhance the appeal of your packaging then spot UV on packaging product is a great choice to go for.

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