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We can design, model, and produce high quality customized apparel packaging solutions for your brand that will be both highly memorable and functional. Request a quote today!

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Some of the Industries We Serve

We serve a broad range of industries, each with unique needs and custom requests.
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Our Packaging Solutions

We serve a broad spectrum of industries and organizations requiring high quality custom packaging for their products and special-use cases. Explore how we can help you with your next packaging project.


We can design and manufacture high quality custom bags.

Custom Bag Design


We can design and manufacture high quality custom boxes.

Custom Boxes

POP Displays

We can design and manufacture high quality POP displays.

POP Displays


We can design and manufacture high quality shippers.

Custom Shippers

 We Create Custom Clothing Boxes and Apparel Packaging Bags

Once you contact us and define the sort of packaging you need, then we can provide you with a quote. Contact us today with any questions!

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We Excel in Manufacturing Luxury Apparel Boxes, Apparel Gift Boxes, and Custom Clothing Packaging

Packaging Services

We offer traditional and unique packaging and boxes that make your brand stand out among the rest.

Industry Packaging

We specialize in a creating customized packaging and boxes for a wide range of industries.

Creative Abilities

We can create prototypes, 3D rendering, proofs and have a broad variety of finishing services.

Common Questions

Choose Quality Packaging for Your Clothing Brand

VSL Packaging custom apparel packaging is the perfect way to package, ship and sell your apparel goods, clothing and other accessory products. VSL Packaging is an established, reputable brand in custom printed boxes and providing high quality customized boxes in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

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Our company has years of experience in designing and developing apparel boxes and packaging solutions for both the commercial and consumer markets. We have been a leading manufacturer of apparel boxes and offer high quality custom printed apparel boxes in many shapes, sizes, colors, styles, and designs. With our extensive experience in the printing industry we know what consumers need when it comes to clothing boxes. Our goal is to give consumers the highest level of convenience, functionality, and protection.


Do you need white or black apparel boxes or custom apparel boxes with logos?

We can customize package for a specific product or clothing packaging for a product line based on a customer's needs, preferences and budget. Because we can make custom boxes that match your specific apparel, we can provide you with one-stop-shop protection for your products while giving your customers a convenient solution to protecting, storing, and shipping their clothing, accessories and more.

VSL Packaging's company's goal is to deliver superior customer service, quality products and a personalized shopping experience by making your clothing and accessory boxes the best solution available. Our team of apparel packaging specialists will work closely with you to create a custom case for your apparel products that suits your individual specifications.

VSL Packaging Custom Boxes provides customers a secure and organized way to store and display their clothing and accessories. When choosing your custom printed cases from VSL Packaging you can choose from several materials including plastic, cardboard, and polystyrene. Plastic bags are one of the easiest materials to assemble and can be purchased in various sizes and colors to accommodate your apparel collection. We offer affordable, high quality, protective packaging to ensure your clothing is safe from damage and stains.

Custom printed polystyrene can be a great choice if you are looking to save space, but you can also find a variety of sizes and colors available. VSL Packaging boxes with pre-cut holes for custom boxes are a great option for any retail outlet. You can also find an assortment of colors and materials to fill the gaps created by pre-cut holes, ensuring the maximum flexibility when selecting a customized box.

Custom apparel packaging boxes and bags are our specialty

If you are a business that sells apparel, accessories, or clothing, VSL Packaging offers a unique solution to protect your merchandise while keeping it fresh and protected. We can customize custom boxes to fit any size, shape and style of apparel, allowing you to place them anywhere you want. When purchasing these boxes, you can expect an assortment of different custom sizes and colors, including sizes that are specific to fit apparel sizes and colors. Our company has custom boxes for every shape, style, size and color available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit whatever your particular apparel is made of.

VSL Packaging Custom Boxes provides clients with many options to meet all of their needs. Customers can select from a variety of different styles and sizes of custom boxes. VSL Packaging offers the largest selection of apparel packaging solutions that will perfectly match your needs. VSL Packaging can customize any of the options available to create a custom bag, box, or other unique packaging for any of your apparel needs.


We can help design and produce custom clothing boxes for you brand

In today's fashion industry, it is important to protect the product, and make sure that it stays pristine, clean and well cared for, especially your clothing. When you purchase from VSL Packaging you will not only receive superior packaging made with the highest quality materials, but you can also enjoy the convenience of having your own personalized design on the packaging to help your customers differentiate and remember your branding.

Whether you are a retailer who needs to protect and preserve your garments or an apparel manufacturer looking for a way to store, organize, protect and display your clothing and accessories, VSL Packaging custom apparel packaging is the answer. Ordering from VSL Packaging makes it easy to choose a case that will keep your apparel protected, stylish, memorable, and safe.

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