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Our customizable shipping boxes will make your brand stand out while keeping your products safe. Request a quote today!

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We can design, model, and produce high quality customized shippers for your brand that will be both highly memorable and functional. Request a quote today!

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Our Packaging Solutions

We serve a broad spectrum of industries and organizations requiring high quality custom packaging for their products and special-use cases. Explore how we can help you with your next packaging project.


We can design and manufacture high quality custom bags.

Custom Bag Design


We can design and manufacture high quality custom boxes.

Custom Boxes

POP Displays

We can design and manufacture high quality POP displays.

POP Displays


We can design and manufacture high quality shippers.

Custom Shippers

 We Can Create Bulk Shipping Boxes that Help Your Brand and Products Stand Out

Once you contact us and define the sort of packaging you need, then we can provide you with a quote. Contact us today with any questions!

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Some of the Industries We Serve

We serve a broad range of industries, each with unique needs and custom requests.
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Packaging Services

We offer traditional and unique packaging and boxes that make your brand stand out among the rest.

Industry Packaging

We specialize in a creating customized packaging and boxes for a wide range of industries.

Creative Abilities

We can create prototypes, 3D rendering, proofs and have a broad variety of finishing services.

Common Questions

How to Choose the Right Branded Shippers?

Quality packaging plays a crucial role regardless of what business you are involved in... Packaging is one of the first things that catch the attention of your customers and also represents your brand. No matter the nature of your business, you need to ensure that your branding does not take shortcuts when it comes to finding adequate packaging solutions for your product lines. As a leading boxes manufacturer, we know exactly how to designs and produce quality shipping packaging while working within a reasonable budget for quality materials.

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Benefits of Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

Corrugated boxes for shipping ensure safe transportation of goods by providing sturdy and reliable packaging for shipment. The durable nature of these custom boxes prevents damage during handling, shipping, and transit.

These paper-based boxes offer extra protection for fragile items such as glassware, electronics, or ceramics during shipment. The cushioning effect of the corrugated paper material in shipping minimizes the risk of breakage or damage.

Opting for corrugated boxes is an environmentally friendly choice to save goods and ensure quality. The recyclable and biodegradable nature of paper-based packaging supports sustainability efforts in reducing waste and promoting eco-conscious practices.

Types of Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

Corrugated boxes come in a range of sizes to cater to various shipping needs and offer options for use. From small to extra-large shipping options, there is a size for every product, ensuring secure packaging during transit.

These boxes are available in single or multiple quantities, offering convenience, flexibility, and savings for businesses. Whether shipping a single item or multiple products, corrugated boxes meet diverse packaging requirements.

Ideal for shipping a wide array of products such as electronics, clothing, and books, corrugated boxes provide reliable protection. Their sturdy construction safeguards items during handling and transportation.

Shipper Customization and Sizing Options

Customize boxes with logos and branding to create a professional and cohesive look for your packages. This not only enhances brand visibility but also leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Choose from various forms and labels for your shippers to include essential information like tracking details and insurance. These options ensure that your packages are handled correctly and reach their destination safely during shipping.

Selecting the right size box is crucial in minimizing shipping costs and save. By choosing appropriately sized boxes for shipping, you can optimize space utilization, save on dimensional weight charges, and provide better protection for your products during transit.

Competitive Pricing for Custom Shippers

Save on competitive pricing when ordering boxes wholesale in bulk quantities. This cost-effective option allows businesses to save significantly on packaging expenses, boxes. By purchasing shippers in large volumes, companies can reduce the cost per unit, leading to substantial savings over time.

Streamline your shipping process with user-friendly solutions that simplify the shipment of goods. Choose from a variety of box sizes and styles to accommodate different products for shipping and save.

Save both time and money by utilizing efficient shipping solutions tailored to meet your business needs. With optimized packaging sizes from an NYC packaging company, you can save on shipping costs. Furthermore, expedited shipping options help businesses meet tight deadlines without overspending on delivery services.

Choose VSL Packaging for reliable, high-quality shipping boxes that protect and impress.

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