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We can design and manufacture high quality custom boxes.

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We serve a broad range of industries, each with unique needs and custom requests.
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We offer traditional and unique packaging and boxes that make your brand stand out among the rest.

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Common Questions

How to Choose a Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Manufacturer?

Have you decided it is time to buy corrugated cardboard boxes? Some businesses make the mistake of going with the cheapest corrugated cardboard boxes manufacturer but there is a potential downside with this... To offer low prices, cardboard box supplier have to cut costs and typically the only way to do so is to use inferior materials. If you're in the market for corrugated boxes then you will want to work with a corrugated box company that takes their products as seriously as you take your own because in the long run it is your brand reputation that is at stake.

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How to evaluate cardboard boxes from wholesale manufacturers

We will answer that question and also highlight a few factors on which you should compare such corrugated cardboard box suppliers. Once you compare them on these few points, choosing the right one will be easy.


Request samples from a cardboard box maker

The best way to judge the quality of the corrugated cardboard boxes is to get your hands on a couple of samples. Sure enough, you might have to pay the shipping, but it is well worth it. Once you get the samples, you have to judge them on two parameters. These are:

  • Thickness of the cardboard
  • Quality of the cardboard

Judging them on these two parameters will help you shortlist the right corrugated cardboard box manufacturer.


Portfolio of corrugated boxes for sale

Not always, you will need the corrugated cardboard boxes of the same size. Often, you might need different sized corrugated cardboard box options. If your manufacturer does not make them, you would have to search for a new corrugated box company. Instead of falling into that trap, it is a better idea to choose a manufacturer who makes small corrugated cardboard boxes.

The best way to go is to go through their entire portfolio. If the manufacturer makes boxes of various shapes and sizes, only you should go ahead with them. The larger the portfolio, the better it is for them. If, in the future, you need to order a different size, you can place the order with them rather than looking for a new manufacturer.


Considering the manufacturing capacity of a cardboard box manufacturers nearby

What is the maximum order quantity which they can handle?

You have to find the answer to this question about various corrugated cardboard box manufacturers. If they can handle large orders and small orders, you have to give preference to that manufacturer.

There is no point in choosing a manufacturer to get so overwhelmed by your first order itself. If that happens, in the future, that particular corrugated cardboard box manufacturer might not be able to serve you.

The question is how to find out the volumes that they can handle?

As for the minimum order quantity, you can directly ask them about it. When it comes to the maximum order quantity, you have to go to a large number and ask from the manufacturer if they would be able to handle that order or not. If yes, in how much time can they deliver the large order.

Asking them about these two order quantities will give you an idea of whether the corrugated cardboard box manufacturer can handle the volume.


Customization option of corrugated cardboard packaging

In the digital era, customization can undoubtedly help you stand out. When you contact different corrugated cardboard boxes manufacturers, you would be surprised to know that not all of them provide you with the customization option. In some cases, you might also find that customizing the corrugated cardboard box can also increase its cost.

It is better to discuss these terms and conditions in advance rather than be disappointed at a later stage. When you’re taking the quotation from the manufacturer, you have to inquire about the customization options available. It is a good idea to choose a manufacturer that allows you to customize the corrugated cardboard boxes rather than one which does not. Better to play it safe and want such a manufacturer right from the start.


Delivery times might make corrugated boxes nearby appealing

In business, every hour counts. Most business owners do not have the time to wait for the corrugated cardboard boxes to get ready. That is why choosing "corrugated box manufacturer near me" is a common search because they can sometimes better abide by the deadlines and deliver them quickly is a must.

When you’re taking a quotation from a corrugated cardboard box manufacturer, ask them a few questions:

  • By when you can deliver the order of XX boxes?
  • What happens if you’re not able to deliver on time?
  • Do you have any ready boxes at the moment which you can send right away?

Once you get the answers to these questions, you can give preference to the manufacturers who deliver corrugated cardboard boxes quickly.

Considering this criterion, while choosing a corrugated cardboard box manufacturer will help you select a reliable one easily.


If you are uncertain, ask for references from corrugated cardboard box companies

Even after getting the manufacturer, meeting these criteria, you might end up choosing the wrong one. The tip which we are going to highlight now will help you eliminate most of the fly by night operators and unreliable corrugated boxes manufacturers.

Usually, as a business, you might go through the testimonials section on the manufacturer’s website. However, testimonials provide you with just a limited view. If you want to get a holistic view of the corrugated cardboard boxes manufacturer, ask them for references.

You can get in touch with those references to know their experience. It will provide you with the first-hand experience regarding the business practices of the manufacturer. Once you get positive feedback from the references, you can go ahead and choose that manufacturer.


The cost depends upon where you buy corrugated cardboard

Of course, you cannot ignore the cost aspect as well. While going with the most affordable manufacturer is not our goal here, but the cost does play a role. No business owner would prefer to reduce their hard-earned margins due to the high price of corrugated cardboard boxes. To avoid this, you have to go with the manufacturer will provide not only good corrugated cardboard boxes but also at an affordable rate.

One of the reasons why we have this factor below others is because it is just a single factor to consider in conjunction with others. Once you do so, you can choose a manufacturer that delivers high-quality boxes at an affordable price. Comparing the quotations of various manufacturers will help you find such a manufacturer.

All in all, ignoring the price is not a good idea when buying corrugated cardboard boxes.


Exceptional communication from the cardboard box company is critical

When placing an order with any manufacturer, the communication needs to be at par. There is no point in placing the order and then waiting a couple of days to get a reply from the side of the manufacturer. Choosing a manufacturer who has excellent communication is the way to go.

The best way to judge the communication skills of the manufacturing company is to drop them an inquiry. After the quotation, you have to ask them a couple of questions as well. If they are prompt to reply, you can be sure that their communication is up to the mark. In that case, after placing the order, you will get in touch with them. Ignoring this criterion while choosing a corrugated cardboard boxes manufacturer can make the whole process much more complicated.

So, among the numerous corrugated cardboard boxes manufacturers, choosing one will be easy when you use these eight criteria. Using the guide above, finding the best manufacturer of corrugated cardboard boxes will not take time. Once you zero-in on a manufacturer, you can easily order from them without having to look for a new one. Just follow the guide above and start shortlisting the best manufacturer today.

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