Why use Lifted Ink on Product Packaging

If you truly want to make your business stand out nowadays, then you must be careful with your choice of packaging. The majority of the business owners make the mistake that they do not take the flexibility that packaging has to offer seriously. With so many options in front of you, it is important to make the right choice and go for a product packaging that is not only budget-friendly but also captures the attention of new customers.

Today we will be going over one of the most popular product packaging techniques known as raised or lifted ink. If you are looking for a budget solution to make your product packaging look not only attractive but make it appear to have another dimension then you cannot go wrong with lifted ink product packaging.

It adds an extra layer to your packaging, and the best part about is that it is highly cost-effective. It is even safe to say that when compared to the other two popular packaging techniques embossing and debossing; the lifted ink technique takes the cake for being the cheapest.

What is the lifted ink technique and why is it a great idea for you to use it for your business? Let’s see.


Most people have a hard time understanding what lifted ink technique is. However, you can compare it to embossing as well as it gives a similar appearance to your product packaging as embossing printing does. Lifted ink is also going to create a raised surface area that is going to have a sculpted look. However, the biggest difference is that it will use ink (as the name suggests).

While the ink is still wet, you can put your creativity to display by sprinkling a powder on top of it. Once the ink dries out, it would surprise you that not only will your product packaging look like it has a new dimension, but it would become more prominent for your customers as well. Lifted ink provides one of the most economical and aesthetically appealing solutions to businesses that want to improve their product packaging. But this technique is used more than just for cheap product packaging. It has a number of other perks as well that we will be looking at.


The most important part of running businesses nowadays is to come up with ways that enable you to stand out in the competition. There are so many businesses out there that coming up with something innovative has become a must if you want to survive. To some people, it may not matter much, but those who know the importance of product packaging are aware of the wonders lifted ink technique can do. By enhancing the appeal of your packaging, it can help you attract countless new customers and boost your sales. The more visually appealing the packaging of a product is, the more people want to invest in it. So, it is not surprising why lifted ink has started to become popular.


The most difficult part about running any business is establishing a recognizable identity. One of the biggest reasons for that is because business owners often miss out on some amazing opportunities. Your product packaging can do more than just keeping the contents inside safe. The better your packaging is, the more people will know about your brand. As we mentioned that the lifted ink packaging technique adds a new dimension to your product packaging, so it can also help you make your brand more recognizable.

You have a world of flexibility when it comes to what you want to print on your packaging. You can go for a visually appealing color scheme and even have your logo raised and printed to make it more prominent in front of the people. Therefore, in terms of marketing, the lifted ink product packaging can be one of the best options you can go for, especially if you are on a tight budget.


Lifted ink on product packaging offers a lot of flexibility and creativity. Moreover, the best part about that is it can be done lightning fast! You do not have to worry about waiting long for your product packaging to be completed. All you need is a reliable packaging company and you can consider the job done!

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