Folding cartons are a necessity for any business to ship goods and products. Folding cartons determine whether the goods or products arrive at the destination in perfect shape or not. Due to this reason, when buying folding cartons, you have to buy it from a reliable company. You cannot compromise on the quality of folding cartons that you buy.

The question which then arises is how to choose a folding cartons company?

Of course, numerous companies are manufacturing, such as folding cartons. You have to sift through all of them to choose the best one.

Wondering how to do so?

Worry not! We will share a few things to consider while comparing different folding cartons company. Once you compare them on these parameters, choosing the right one becomes easy.

  1. Customization options:

The first thing to ask the company is the type of folding cartons they manufacture?

Ideally, they should provide you with a variety of folding cartons. If they allow you to customize things like size, color, print, and so on, it is an added advantage. Folding cartons can be customized to represent your brand. In that case, it will become easier for you to get proper brand retention. It is only possible when the folding cartons manufacturing company allows customization.

Therefore, you have to keep this factor in mind while choosing such a company. Only when it allows you to customize every aspect of the folding carton should you go ahead with it.

  1. Carton finishing:

When the goods/products arrive at the destination, the customer or the client will first view the box. If the finish of the box is not up to the mark, you cannot make the right impression. Due to this reason, you have to look at the carton finish and then making the buying decision.

There are two ways to check the same. First, you have to look at the actual folding carton pictures on their website. If you need to inspect them more closely, you can order a few samples. It will allow you to feel the cartons and look at the finish of the cartons.

You should choose a folding carton manufacturing company which can provide excellent finishing. Only when the cartons are aesthetically pleasing, you can make a mark in front of your customers.

  1. Turnaround times:

While choosing a folding cartons company, turnaround times matters a lot. You cannot wait for weeks to get your hands on 100 folding cartons. Before you choose the company, you have to inquire about the turnaround times. Ideally, if the quantity is as low as 100 folding cartons, they should be able to provide you with those cartons within a week.

If you have a large order, you have to inquire about the exact number of cartons. Once they inform you regarding the deadline, you have to ask them, what if they do not deliver by the deadline.

Most honest companies will be ready to compensate you if they do not meet the deadline. It is the litmus test of an honest folding cartons company.

You have to inquire about the turnaround times from companies and then choose one.

  1. Years in business:

Another question you need to ask prospective companies is, how many years have they been in business?

Only if they have been in business for 3 to 4 years, can you go ahead with them. If they are a nascent folding carton manufacturer, you have to avoid it.

You cannot afford substandard folding cartons. If they are substandard in quality, the goods and products will get damaged in transit. It will result in huge losses for you. Rather than taking that risk, it is better to go with an established company. They have a reputation to protect. Moreover, since they have been in business for long, they will know how to produce sturdy cartons. Their cartons will not have any structural defects.

You can always ask for a few samples as well. More importantly, you have to go with a company that has been in business for at least 3 to 4 years.

  1. Cost estimates:

One of the most common factors to keep in mind is the cost. To avoid any confusion, you're not looking for the cheapest company. You're looking for a manufacturing company that provides you with the proper value for money.

The problem with going with the cheapest company is that it might cut corners, and the quality of the folding cartons might not be up to the mark. Instead, a much better option is to pay a bit extra for the right company so that you get the value of money and sturdy cartons both.

Many companies will negotiate if you have a large enough order. You have to consider this factor and then take into account the cost of folding cartons.

  1. Shipping:

How will the company send folding cartons?

Of course, they would do so via courier or any other shipping method. You have to inquire about the shipping method on offer. These include:

• Shipping charges:

You have to ask them, who will be paying for the shipping? If the order is large enough, the folding carton manufacturing company should pay for it. If the order is small, the customer will have to pay for it. In that case, you have to also inquire about the shipping cost.

• Shipping Times:

You have to inquire regarding the time it would take for the folding cartons to reach you. Only when you're okay with that shipping time, you can go ahead with that company.

Thus, you have to consider the shipping methods and charges while choosing a folding cartons company.

  1. Customer support:

Lastly, you need to go with the folding carton company with an excellent customer support department. No one likes to wait for 3 to 4 days to get a standard email reply. So, you have to test the company's customer support in advance. Dropping them just an inquiry mail will let you know if the customer support department is responsive or not. You have to go with the company which is easy to reach out to.

Thus, when comparing the different folding carton companies, you have to judge them on the seven parameters. Once you do so, choosing the right company becomes easier than ever. You will not have to worry about the substandard quality of folding cartons or delayed deadlines. You can eliminate this by comparing the folding carton companies on these few parameters and choosing accordingly.

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