Boxes are all about surprises. Especially when you’re receiving them from someone whom you dearly love. They can hold anything, depending on the choice of your box, and you can go on carefree without a hint of sweat, worrying if anyone would take a peak or not. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They can come in large sizes and can be heavy duty to help you shift your stuff back and forth without damaging them. Whereas, you may also find small boxes with delicate detailing to meet the excitement of the event you’re preparing for.

This particular article is here to discuss everything you need to know about shoulder boxes. So by the end of this article, you are going to know everything you need to about them. What are these shoulder boxes? How to use them and when to use them.

Stick around and continue reading with us to discover what shoulder boxes are all about.

What are Shoulder Boxes?

So what exactly are these boxes and what do they look like? Well! The shoulder box consists of 2 parts, that is, the lid and the base. These parts are not linked together. However, when put together, the lid comes completely aligned with the base, while the base supports the lid with its shoulder. Hence the name shoulder box. Quite clever right?

So now! Let's think for a second, what comes in your mind when we talk about shoulder boxes, particularly if you’re the one who's receiving them? You may think about luxury brands, luxury items or perhaps something in that box that’s delicate and quite precious. Yep! This is exactly what Shoulder boxes are all about! Shoulder boxes are perhaps one of the most favoured forms of packing when it comes to luxury brands and their items along with souvenir products. These boxes keep the goods all safe and sound inside while the exterior of the box gives an impression of exquisite yet premium packing.

When To Use Shoulder Boxes?

So now we come to the part where we discuss when you can use Shoulder boxes and make the best out of using them. These boxes sure are multipurpose but when used right, these boxes make the event nothing short than a stunning event.

So here’s when you can use the Shoulder boxes:


When it comes to jewellery, shoulder boxes make the best packaging option. Not only do they protect the delicate jewellery from harsh environments that may contribute towards damaging it but it also reinforces the quality and the name of the brand every time you open the box. Therefore, these boxes are still considered one of the best forms of packing amongst many luxury and jewellery brands.


Are you perhaps wanting to give your loved one a pack of cigars? Shoulder boxes make the perfect cigar packing. You can customize the box as per your liking and give it away or keep it for yourself. Your choice!


Ah yes! Confessionary boxes, full of drama and surprises. Who wouldn’t want to make the best out of the most important event of their lives? Shoulder boxes can make the best confessionary or engagement ring boxes. Make your event super special by popping these boxes out of nowhere in front of your loved one and see the magic take place.


For brands, promotional activity means getting the best of interest from their customers or potential customers. So, how can a brand stimulate interest in their potential customers? Well! This is what promotional activity is all about. Shoulder boxes can play a vital part in helping to gain the interest of the consumers. With logo and style as per the requirement of the brand, the surprise inside ought to contribute to making the promotional activity a success.


Books, as we all know, are quite delicate. However, they make the perfect gift if delivered to your loved one safely and in a special way. What else is the better way than having a book packed inside a shoulder box and waiting for the surprise to unleash!


Most smartphone companies go for shoulder boxes when it comes to packaging. These boxes are not only compact but they also can contain every component that comes along with the device.


By this point we all know, boxes are all about surprises. However, a surprise pregnancy announcement is no shorter than shocking yet blessed news.

You can plan to surprise your loved ones with hints and riddles hidden inside the box and let them figure out the rest!


Confectionery boxes give an impression of high end, premium and luxury confectionery items. Be it a box for chocolates, bonbons, macarons, candy, biscuits, truffle - you name it! Shoulder boxes make the best confectionery boxes which help the brand to meet the quality and the reputation when it comes to packing.


When it comes to leather products, shoulder boxes provide the best solution in terms of packaging. These boxes not only protect the leather from harm but they also help in keeping the leather products as good as new. Brands often go for shoulder boxes when it comes to packing and delivering their leather goods to their customers


Shoulder boxes make the perfect gift box in general. They come in many different shapes and sizes. These boxes can also be easily customized according to your liking and requirements. Be it you gifting a memorable item, a luxurious yet delicate good or something edible. Shoulder boxes are the answer to your packing solution.


Shoulder boxes are multipurpose boxes which are perfect for commercial and personal use. The shoulder boxes come in different shapes and sizes thus making them ideal for all sorts of items. In short, the boxes can be used for packaging, presenting, storing and sending any item you’d like. Check out the above list to find out if they are suitable for your storage needs.

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