How Do I Package My Product For Retail?


How do I make my product sell? This is a question that must always be in your mind if you’re in the retail business. Well, the answer to this lies in your product packaging.


Attractiveness sells, it makes a product look unique, and so it stands out in a crowd. While your product quality is a major determiner for sales, the packaging is what gives it an edge over the others. Your packaging design should be fresh and attractive. It must also convey a message about your brand.


We have created a comprehensive guide to help you design the retail packaging for your products. Any questions that you might have about product packaging have also been answered here.


Types of Packaging

Product packaging typically consists of three layers.

  • Primary packaging is the immediate outer packaging of the product.
  • Secondary packaging is the cases that hold multiple units of the product.
  • Tertiary packaging is used to send the products to the store.


While all three have their significance, retail packaging is mainly concerned with primary packaging. This is because customers have direct contact with it. Their buying decisions are also greatly impacted by the outer packaging of a product.


Around 70% of customers form their opinion of the brand based on its packaging. So it’s quite evident that it should be appealing. If they have hundreds of other options for a product, you have to stand apart.



Designing The Product Packaging

Your product packaging cannot be random. It has to represent your brand and make the customers connect with it.


The First Impression

As mentioned above, product packaging forms the first impression. So, your packaging should convey the brand message and communicate with the customers. This aids the formation of brand loyalty.


The information on the label shouldn't be hard to read. Fonts, colors, and graphics should go with the brand theme. Make sure that you don’t go too heavy on the text, this makes the product boring.


The quality of your packaging should be good and uniform. Be it cardboard boxes for cereal or tubes for cosmetics, the packaging should represent your brand image. Use uniform themes across all your products.


Aid Functionality

Just by looking at the packaging, consumers should know the purpose of the product. Avoid creating complicated packaging and make it functional for all types of customers. Information on the packaging should be adequate. Instructions, allergens, ingredients, and facts should be correct.


Select immediate packaging according to product usage. Always remember that it should facilitate usage, not hinder it. Applicators and containers for the products should be fitting and appropriate.


For this purpose, including equipment to help customers use the product is a great idea. For example, include a sustainable spoon with a product jar to help your customers scoop out the product. This makes your product self-sufficient and elevates the customer experience. 


E-Commerce Packaging

Most of the sales are now procured online, which makes e-commerce retail vital. This also increases your competition. To succeed, your packaging should not only be functional but also grab attention. Colors, themes, and graphics on the package are of the utmost importance here.


If your product creates a positive buzz, then it gets shared and promoted. This is how social media retail works. No matter how rational a customer may be, if a product is trendy, there's a high chance he/she will try it once. Hiring graphic designers is a great investment.



Try and create a packaging that gives them an unboxing experience that is worth bragging about. Offering customized packaging is also one way to enhance the user experience. It makes customers feel valued and engages them.


Stick To The Theme

One way to make your products distinct and identifiable is to stick with a uniform theme.

All your packaging designs must use a similar color palette and format. There is a great scope to be innovative within this.


If humor is a brand theme, make sure all your descriptions and labels have a humorous element. This increases the customers’ confidence in your brand and forms a relationship.


If you have your own stores or separate aisles, having complementary and steady packaging across all products is beneficial. It emphasizes your standards and makes your products look trustworthy.


Evolve With Time

While it’s important to retain certain aspects of your product packaging, timely updating of the packaging is paramount. Your packaging should not be outdated, no matter how loyal the customer base is.


Certain market innovations and evolutions are very beneficial and should be incorporated wisely. Take a look at Coca Cola; it's a successful brand but has always updated its bottle design with time. From glass to plastic to its size, innovation has been the key.


To stay relevant, keep the packaging trendy. Emotions also play a role in buying decisions, so product design should always be in good taste and must promote positive ideas and outlook.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to some important questions you might have.

What is custom retail packaging?

Custom retail packaging is a way to make your customers feel valued. Since the retail packaging is meant for the customers, not the intermediaries, it's also 100% customizable.


Using printed cardboard boxes and tissues as outer packaging emphasizes the premium quality of your product. Special messages and cards can also be sent within the packaging for e-commerce customers.

How does packaging help sell products?

An attractive product packaging and design encourage impulse buying. When customers see your product, they should be tempted to try it once. 52% of online customers say they’re likely to buy a product again if it comes with premium packaging. If your packaging is identifiable and unique, your brand loyalty will shoot up.


Final Words

Retail packaging should be designed with thought. The infographics and labels should impart valuable information while making the customers feel at home.

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