How Do I Package My Product for Shipping?


Are you a retailer who has just started a new business and want to deliver your products with proper packaging? Or your customers are complaining that products are shipped in a poor manner that is leading to the deterioration of quality? If yes, then you have to understand the appropriate method for packaging products.

You have to remember the fact that the packaging of a product largely depends upon its material quality. However, you can get the most suitable packaging using a few simple steps that can also save your time and effort.


Significance of Packaging for Shipping

The packaging of a product not only facilitates the quick movement of the commodity but is also a way for sellers to interact with their buyers. The product with a personalized and well-crafted unboxing experience can leave a good impression on the person opening the packet. Good packaging acts as a safeguard for the product and protects it from unnecessary force or bouncing around.

Another advantage of packaging is that it reduces your cost and saves money. This is because adequate packaging eliminates the necessity to ship the replacement product if the existing shipped product gets damaged. It also helps to build the goodwill of the business in the market and makes customers visit again and again, your store available online.


What Kind of Packaging Material Can You Use?

Packaging material is the first thing that an individual has to consider to achieve the best and feasible packaging. A variety of materials are available that can be used for the packaging and its delivery to the customer's doorstep. Here are some of the common packaging materials you can use for hassle-free delivery:


Outer Packaging

  • For smaller products: Small cardboard boxes with a single-layer thickness.
  • For light and non-fragile commodities: Polyurethane bags
  • For bulky and larger items: Big double or triple-layered cardboard boxes


Inside Packaging (Cushioning and filler materials)

  • Packaging tissue papers
  • Bubble wraps (For fragile items)
  • Cardboard pieces
  • Crumpled paper


Sealing Tape

  • Brown or black plastic tape (Polypropylene tape)
  • Duct Tape (Fiber-reinforced paper tape)


These are some of the common packaging materials that every seller can use. Still, a good range of different types of packaging materials is available in the market. But it primarily relies on the type of product you want to ship and its other requirements. In addition to these packaging materials, you have to also follow the steps necessary for shipping.

Keep reading to understand the procedure for packaging the product for shipping.


Easy Steps for Proper Packaging

1. Analyzing the product and selecting the right packing material

A packed box passes through many hands before it actually reaches the door of the customer. This shows the significance of using a new and strong cardboard box that can protect the product from falling apart. The possibility of friction also remains as a specific package can rub against others, leading to damage to the content. Low-quality materials often collapse in the middle of the shipping journey.

For avoiding all these situations, you have to first evaluate the product which you want to deliver. You have to check the weight of the product, its size & shape, cost, and fragility. Most of these details are mentioned on the manufacturer's stamp or sticker.  Based on that analysis, you have to choose the packaging material.

In case it is non-fragile and doesn't have a proper shape, then you can go for a polyurethane bag and packaging tissue.


2.   Wrap each item separately

If your packaging box contains several individual items, then it becomes necessary to cover each of them using the packaging material. It is because there is a huge possibility that they can collide with each other during transit.

You can wrap and cushion them individually to ensure that they don't move around in the box and protects them from any sort of damage. Also, it is important to place the sensitive items into a plastic bag within the package.


3. Filling and Cushioning

Proper filling and sufficient filler material are necessary for preventing the bounce inside the box. The packaging box must have enough cushioning material and fillers so that the product doesn't move in the cardboard box. It also helps in absorbing the bumps during transit.

You have to ensure that the box should have enough space for sufficient cushioning. It is essential to use at least 5 to 6 cm of cushioning.


4. Using the Appropriate Sealing Material

If you have to send the product for delivery, you have to use the right tape of proper width (around 2-inches is adequate). In case you are packing a lightweight product, then you have to use a polyurethane packet having its own adhesive tape. It has to be sealed correctly. Also, you have to avoid strings as they can damage your heavy objects.


5. Sealing the box with the H-tape method

In the last, you have to seal the cardboard box using the H-taping technique. It avoids the box flaps to open in between the journey to the respective customer. You have to just apply sufficient tape to the edges and the center. Remember to use more tape strips at the edge seams for maximum protection.


Facts About Packaging

  • When you are negotiating discounted rates, you can go for another carrier to deliver around 10-30% of total shipping.
  • For 93% of consumers, shipping options, and shipping quality matters a lot when they do online shopping.
  • 40% of customers post videos related to unboxing and packaging, and hence, creates brand value.
  • For almost 90% of buyers, free shipping within 7 days is better than paying for faster delivery in 1-2 days.


Wrap Up

The packaging is an important asset of shipping. Proper packaging not only helps in safe delivery to the customer's house but also enables the seller to increase their brand value and sales as well. But it is essential to follow the packaging steps properly and make use of the right kind of packaging material. Thus, there are no hard-and-fast rules for packaging the product for shipping.


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