How To Design Packaging For A New Product?


No matter what anyone says, a book is always judged by its cover, and so is a product. If you are a novice in an industry, product packaging should be your focal point. It demands a whole lot of attention since your chosen design will be the face of your product.


There are several things to keep in mind when you are designing packaging for your product. Read ahead to understand the fundamentals of good product packaging.


Things To Consider Before You Start Designing

Simply jumping to package designing would not give you satisfactory results. You must consider a few things before you begin to curate ideas for your package design.


Understanding your product is key to good packaging. What is your product? If you are selling Barbie dolls, your product packaging should be pretty and flowery. On the other hand, if you are designing packaging boxes for wallets, they need to be stylish, plain, and sophisticated.


Assessing your target audience should be at the forefront here. After all, the customer is the true king. Your designs should appeal to the target audience. If your product targets an older age group, your design should not be too complicated. It should be easy to read and to open. It has been proven that around 72% of consumers base their purchasing decision on product packaging.


In case you are selling multiple products of the same company, try and create homogeneity. Use similar designs and color schemes for the packaging of different products. This way, customers will be able to recognize your product instantly. Also, it might create an aura of intimidation around your product.


The Beginner’s Guide To Packaging Design

Compliment Your Product

Even with a quick glance in its direction, the packaging of your product should be able to tell what is inside. Create designs and use materials that are related to your product. In case you are selling nuts, the packaging inspiration could be taken from nature.


Observe Your Environment

We see numerous products daily. You should make a checklist of characteristics that make a package stand out. The kind of fonts, colors, and designs they hold must be keenly observed. Although, ensure that you do not copy from other products. Be unique and get inspired by things around you. The more relatable the product packaging is, the more people it attracts.


Unboxing Experience

People, in general, are excited when they open new things for the first time. Ensure that your customers have a fabulous unboxing experience. Only then will they consider buying your product again. Include designs that fascinate people.


If you are into e-commerce, the unboxing experience is especially essential. People wait for your products to get delivered, and they deserve a memorable experience. The Body Shop is a great example to explain this. They put in efforts to make customers feel special.


Stay Simple

Extravagant and fluffy designs or fonts look unnecessary. Make the product packaging look simple and sophisticated on the outside and also easy to open. Customers get frustrated when a box doesn’t easily open.


Do not include too many images, colors, or patterns on the cover. Use very little text on the packaging, and that too should be in a simple font. Observe the products of Blossom Kochhar. Each product is beautiful to look at. The designs are very simple, but they make the product look unique, stylish, and one of its kind.

Be Considerate And Environment Friendly

Sometimes one may unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings. Such occurrences destroy the goodwill of the product. Confirm that anything written on your product’s packaging is not offensive in any way.


Fortunately, people are moving towards eco-friendlier ways. They are being considerate towards the environment, and so should you. Use recyclable materials for the product packaging. Don’t use plastic or other non-biodegradable materials.


Graphic Design and Packaging Design

Graphic designing is the core. Here are a few things you must follow when creating designs.


  • Use metaphors and imagery wherever possible.
  • Add relatable humor. Being literal (if the name of your product allows it) is a great source of humor.
  • Use a set color palette with only limited colors. Bright colors that complement each other are preferred.
  • Follow the trends around you.
  • Play with the packaging. You need not always be conventional. Modify your packaging to suit your product in the best possible way.
  • Including some kind of illusion might be helpful here.
  • Make the interior of your packaging optimal and fascinating.
  • Dictate a story with your design to bring in an emotional factor although don't be extravagant.
  • Since you are new to the market, bend the rules a little. Use unique, out of the box ideas that make you stand out.


Imagine And Test

Prior to proceeding with the design, imagine how it would look in real life. Ensure that your design is practical and catchy. After you are done with the packaging and have printed it out, test it on a few people before finalizing it. People who do not know about your product should be chosen for this purpose.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the three types of packaging?

The three types are primary (customers have direct contact with it), secondary (outside primary packaging), and tertiary (to group large quantities for product transportation).


Who designs packaging for products?

You can do it yourself or employ product designers. There are several companies available to make this job easier for you. They specialize in packaging designs.


Which software is best for packaging design?

Some of the best software’s are ESKO Artioscad, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Package, and Impact.


Final Words

Pay sincere attention to product packaging as it is the first step to creating a successful brand. It will not be too difficult if you put in enough time and effort. Your passion and belief in your product will drive you forward and encourage you to take leaps. Your package design will be one of a kind.


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